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Note: Only the Universal Binary Version Can Deal with NetCDF Data

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(The "Download All" Above Includes the Manual, Guide, Examples, and Plug-ins as Well as the Application)

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Hardware Older Macs (good for all newer thru OS 10.12.6) LabMathX Confirmed OS Requirements
PowerMac G4 800 MHz+ Yes Mac OS X 10.3.9+
Power Mac G4 1 GHz + Yes Mac OS X 10.3.9+
Power Mac G5 Yes Mac OS X 10.3.9+
MacIntels Yes Mac OS X 10.4.8+ – 10.12.6+



LabMathX allows computations and visualization without the use of a programming language such as C or Fortran, but it can do many of the very same things as programs that are written in these languages. Also, it is highly expandable via plug-ins and other features and it can call unix programs.

Drag and Drop Subwindows for Various Tasks:

• Enter Equations and Program Calculations, Show Plots – (x, t), (y, x), 3D.

• Display Data Tables, Display Labels & Other Text, Add Photos.

• Just Drag & Drop from the Palette and Enter Simple Commands, Definitions, Etc.

• Complete User Manual, QuickStart Guide, and Examples Are

–> Inexpensive: $69.00 for a Single-User License (Please email us for license information. The web service PayPal is the preferred payment method. You can register securely at PayPal, but please allow time for their verification. When you first start up LabMathX you'll be presented with a numerical key that you should send to us by email once payment is completed. We'll then send you the registration number.)


Site Licenses Available. Please inquire to us with subject: LMX Site License


LabMathX 1.0 Does Not Come with any Support at This Time. However, Future Versions Will Be Fully Supported if Sales are Sufficient for Staffing Needs and Version 1.0 Users Will Then be Eligible for an Entirely Free Upgrade to Version 2.0.

Since LabMathX Supports Free Plug-Ins, It is Our Hope That Contributors Will Provide a Variety of More Specialized Enhancements Over Time. Plug-Ins Will Be Tested and Then Posted for Free Download on the LabMath X Plug-Ins Page. Plug-Ins Must Be Written in Objective C and Compiled with XCode.

LabMathX Allows Very Simple Programming with a Variety of Built-In Commands. For Example, a Complete Program For Solving the Differential Equation Describing Simple Harmonic Motion is Shown Below. All Functions (Such As Append() Shown Below) Are Described in the Manual and Few Are Needed in Any Given Example.

#deletevars   t = t + dt
mass = 1   force = -k * pos
k = 1   acc = force / mass
pos = 1   vel = vel + acc * dt
vel = 0   pos = pos + vel * dt
t = 0   phist = append(phist, pos)
dt = 0.05   vhist = append(vhist, vel)
thist = t   thist = append(thist, t)
phist = pos    
vhist = vel    

and a screenshot of this calculation in LabMathX with a Table and Plots is shown below:

So it is straightforward:

• Clear any Previous Values (#deletevars) & Specify the Initial conditions and the Parameters;

• Enter a Step Size of Your Choice & Define the Historical Variables in a Text Subwindow;

• Write the Usual Dynamical Equations in a 2nd Text Subwindow (for convenience);

• Use append() to Accumulate the Complete Set of Values; and

• Drag a Table and Plot Subwindows to the Main Window.

Of course, you do also need to specify the desired Table properties and Plot properties, but this is straighforward as well. Take a look at the QuickStart Guide to see the basics of setting these properties.


LabMathX is Scriptable with AppleScript. Check the Dictionary with Apple's Script Editor.

• LabMathX Supports Services and Can Be Accessed From the Services Menu in Other Services-Aware Applications.

• LabMathX and Its Plug-ins Are Written in Objective C Under Cocoa. Version 1.0 Was Compiled Under Apple's XCode 1.5 Under OS 10.3.9. Version 1.0.1 Has Been Compiled Under OS 10.4 with XCode 2.2 And Has Passed Preliminary Testing Under All Apple OS versions through 10.12.6.


The plug-ins are meant to be free to all users. If you would like to write a plug-in and charge for it, please contact us in advance.

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